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behaviour, you can set the smsc address by manually editing the I file 51b This setting is useful when NowSMS is being used as a direct delivery. Path Specifies an alternate location for the log files. Under the smsc section header. I Port add BackupForRoutexxxxxx where xxxxxx is either the name of another smsc connection or a RouteName setting defined for one or more smsc connections. By default, this setting will revert to the old autogenerated smil format. Modem driver name or smpp server. Up to 15 minutes per retry 18 This setting disables the tracking of how many messages each user account sends in a day. See, each address must be separated by a comma. A esmerinvsrcadr invalid source address B esmerinvdstadr invalid destination address 66 esmeRXRappn esme Receiver Reject Message. This setting is also available under the smsgw header to apply to all smpp connections unless overridden by a connection specific setting. Then define the short codes for the vasp in the Route messages to this account for recipient phone numbers field within the route definition. Some phones display the message as being from a blank or unknown sender. Contentid references in the smil, disableDeliveryReceipt Yes v2006 Disables delivery receipt requests for every message that is sent out through any smpp connection. NowSMS treats the following smpp error codes as a permanent error. This setting allows those recipients to be routed via an external mmsc connection DisableTransactionID Yes v5 03, when NowSMS is being used for email to MMS. If this change causes a problem when upgrading from a prior version.
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